Celtic Concert

March 21, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Peabody Library

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little late at Peabody Library’s annual Celtic Concert with Jakeza!
Samantha Moffatt and Clément Demers are Jakéza—a musical duo who interprets dance tunes (an dros, mazurkas, waltzes, reels..), ballads and newer compositions on two accordeons and hammered dulcimer. This is a recent collaboration of two seasoned artists with solid solo careers as well as experience with other groups and international touring: between them, Jakeza has performed at the Montreal festival “La Grande Rencontre”, Radio France, Quebec’s equestrian circus, Ekasringa, National Public Radio’s Prairie Home Companion, the docks of the Upper St. Lawrence, and the Post Mills, Vermont Hot Air Balloon Festival, and the Peabody Library. The sound is alluring and accesible—- come check it out!
There is no charge for admission, but please consider giving a donation for the musicians.

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