Book Reviews

Check out these reviews of new Latham Library books from our
Book Review Club participants!

Pathfinders by Angie Sage
This story is about a girl who is part of a race of people called the Pathfinders.  Her Mom dies when she was young, and her Dad went missing at sea.  Her best friend Osker has to help her find his missing sister, Ferdie.  They must save her sister from awful creatures called Garmins.  I thought this was a very adventurous book.  –Dan Wolstenholme

The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm
This book is about a girl named Ellie.  Her grandfather is a scientist.  He just found the fountain of youth.  He turns himself young again.  Ellie and her grandfather go through an adventure.  I thought it was a really good book.  It seemed like I was in the book with the characters. –Dan Wolstenholme

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Parker
This is a story about a refugee who left Sudan.  There were two stories here…one was more important than the other.  I thought this book was great!  I love the twist at the end.  It was the greatest book I read all month.  I think that Linda Sue Parker is a great author.  It made me sad and happy.  –Dan Wolstenholme