Storytelling Workshop with Simon Brooks @ Peabody Library
Aug 12 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Storytelling Workshop with Simon Brooks @ Peabody Library

Together with award winning storyteller Simon Brooks, a limited number of young people (11 years and up) will be able to work on presenting a story.  Simon is known across the country for the folk and fairy tales he tells. This is great experience and the tools and skills Simon will impart can be applied to public speaking. The workshop is limited to eight participants and will be held outside with social distancing practices. To sign up send an email to
See below for more details.

BEFORE attending the workshop, please find a short folk or fairy tale, and read it through at least a couple of times so you have a basic knowledge of the story. Bring paper and pen and open mind!
In the first thirty minutes students will learn to set up their story. Second thirty minutes they will learn how to add details and nuance. Final hour will be group coaching and polishing of story. Participants not required to perform, but more is gained from this experience. Everyone will get the chance to try their story on others.

Simon‘s work is known throughout the States having performed at festivals and conferences in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, and Utah. His work has taken him to California, New York, Connecticut, and Maine working at schools, collages, community clubs, senior residencies, libraries, many camps, and for legal groups, hospitals, and museums.

He has two podcasts – Conversations with Storytellers ( and Lindline and folk and fairy tales ( He is working on his sixth storytelling CD. His work can be found on his website ( and at Patreon (